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The quest to discover untapped profit potential in your mining operations is a lot like mining itself: you know there’s more to uncover, but bringing solutions to the surface takes specialised expertise, experience and technology. Even a fresh way of looking at a challenge can bring valuable insight into a profitable system and process design.

The Stark team has spent nearly two decades learning through trial and error. Once known as industrial pioneers, today we are proven problem-solving partners and the leading integrators of modular sensor-based sorting solutions for mineral processing around the world.


1. Explore

Identify profitable opportunities

Tap into Stark’s considerable collective intelligence to ensure optimal resource recovery, with maximum carbon reduction and minimal eco-impact. - Find ways to mine smarter - Approaching from a fresh perspective, we’ll “prospect” along different paths to find and devise solutions, implement alternative thinking patterns and propose improvements others may miss.

Our engineering and process studies yield valuable insight and solutions

Whether you’re focussed on extracting top value from a greenfield project or maximizing a mature plant’s potential, talk to Stark. Partnering with our engineering, geology and data processing experts will inform the design and implementation of the most fit-for-purpose plant and systems solution for your particular resource. For greenfield projects, mineral characterisation is often the first step in maximising resource value and improving the overall economics of the project. In brownfield mining, we typically conduct processing plant studies, analysing the entire system to uncover ways of empowering the plant to run optimally.

Metallurgical and process engineering to extract more value

Stark offers decades of metallurgy and process engineering design & experience, guaranteeing your business the best possible solutions. Our world-class team has extensive knowledge of modern mining processes as well as mineral processing and equipment design. Metallurgical studies analyze the characterization of ore bodies and minerals. Through this, the appropriate beneficiation technologies can be determined to achieve optimal mineral liberation beneficiation.

Geological and geotechnical services

Our unusually penetrating geological and geotechnical analysis and reporting will add certainty and reveal potential gaps in your operation where more value can be generated. Our findings may lead you to pursue alternative, more appropriate, mining techniques or blasting designs that will optimize the beneficiation process.

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2. Design

Make a plan

When you as a mine owner or operator team up with our experts for answers, we’ll design and build a perfectly balanced and sustainable mining processing infrastructure to address your evolving needs for years to come. A Stark-developed modular solution, custom-designed, makes it feasible to implement process enhancements either at once, or in stages over time.

Develop your Flowsheet

We’ll assist you in tailoring a flowsheet design that suits your specific commodity, type and maturity of operation, and strategic objectives. The flowsheet will illustrate the specific requirements to achieve maximum extraction most cost-effectively. You will clearly see the overall picture of what is required for an investment to achieve the maximum potential. Think of it as your customized, in-depth guide to project success.


Design a Modular Plant

This is where our design expertise comes to the fore – applying our groundbreaking experience to custom-design plants that can be built as complete infrastructure during discovery or greenfield stage, or integrated over the lifecycle as your requirements change. These solutions include:

  • Pre-designed plants
  • Exploration plants
  • Pilot plants
  • Production plants

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3. Integrate

Make it happen

Let us come up with ways to add new impetus to your time-proven technologies and help you deliver more good from the gangue. We are skilled in creating high-yielding synergies between traditional methodologies and advanced technologies.
Our solutions to optimise, augment or replace conventional approaches include:

Sensor Based Recovery for Diamonds, Coal, Base & Precious Metals

Sensor-based sorting recovery, with a choice of high-accuracy, high-capacity mechanical sorting systems. Eco-friendly, requiring no reagents. We deliver modular containerized solutions with mature sensor technologies like XRT, XRF, NIR & Color.

Real-time RFID measuring, tracking and reporting

Real-time RFID measuring, tracking and reporting of processes and valuable assets, using our proprietary RFID technologies to optimise your plant. The RFID tracer is a modern tool to help metallurgists ensure plant optimization. Efficiency settings are maintained and if not, detected and correct without unnecessary delays.

Cost effective Selective Milling

Cost-effective milling using high-pressure pre-, intermediate and finish grinding. We can equip new plant or retrofit or optimise your current operation with advanced machines that ensure lower energy costs and significantly higher outputs..


Magnetic Separation

The development of mature magnetic separation technology  opens applications where normally chemical addition would have been required to beneficiate materials. Instead, we can now use magnetic or electrostatic separation technology leading to an upgrade of iron ore fines, efficient recovery of the ore from the tailing streams and a reduction of downstream processing.

Gravity Separation equipment including spirals

Modular plants offer a highly efficient, yet compact layout, utilizing advanced process design methodology. With a capacity from 5tph up to 250 tph, each module can be customized with a circuit to suit even the most challenging ore body. The spiral modules are designed to achieve exceptional performance in a compact, low-impact structure.

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4. Energize

Energy Certificate Trading

Carbon reduction and carbon offsetting are two elements in the energy transition drive to achieving a Net Zero carbon economy. Stark works on Carbon Reduction driven projects that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of process efficiencies across the natural resources sector. Stark also works on a wide range of carbon offset initiatives such as process plant upgrades, and energy efficiency optimization as well as emerging market community-led projects such as clean cookstove programs.

Green Fuel Solutions

Stark strives to utilize alternative fuel solutions to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions to make mining more sustainable. This can be done by using e-fuels, hydrogen, bio, or synthetic fuels that are produced by renewable energy resources including solar and wind power. In doing so, the client enhances their ESG capabilities and contributes to a cleaner, more carbon-neutral world for future generations. Starks's vision is to decarbonize the mining industry.

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