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Small-scale Greenfield plant

STARK Resources has a decade-long history of designing and building small-scale Greenfield pilot plants, usually in remote bush or outback, with little access to infrastructure or a specialised workforce.

The advantages of building a small-scale plant

These types of plants are usually self-funded. Small-scale mineral processing plants are often the ideal solution for clients who seek high-value extraction while managing budget considerations.

Small outlay of less than US$10 million, going to as low as US$3 million

Expedited build time, in as little as four months

Fast payback time, often in as little as a few months

Revenue generating from the first day of handover

Improve your understanding of your deposit and support a Definitive Feasibility Study

Prove profitability to potential partners to finance larger-scale operations


A tailored approach to fit your budget

Our cross-disciplinary team of geologists, mining engineers, and process engineers collaboratively focuses on assessing an orebody, maximizing deposit value, all while prioritizing risk minimization. With this tailored approach, we enable you to unlock the full potential of your orebody within your financial means.

Cost-effective solutions that can get you into production faster

In an ideal world, every client would expend several years and millions of dollars on following the traditional Scoping Study, Pre-Feasibility Study, and Definitive Feasibility Study model, before then spending over a year building a plant and then finally generating revenue. This is not economically viable for many — and STARK provides a cost-effective alternative solution which is the best way forward for these clients from a risk-reward perspective.

World leaders in next-generation
ore sorting solutions

Where ore sorting technology would be beneficial, we are world leaders in this newer technology where others may not be so confident. It may take the rest of the industry at least five years to catch up in this area, including the ability to make flowsheet decisions at the ‘coal face’ level.

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