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We are your partner of choice through every stage of your asset's lifecycle, from operations at potential Greenfield sites all the way through to optimising operating assets to improve profitability and prolong mine life.

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STARK Resources is a specialised, privately held engineering group, with a global mining footprint. We focus on fast-tracked design and construction of minerals processing plants on a fixed price basis (EPC/LSTK). We specialise in delivering projects in developing countries and Tier-1 jurisdictions.

Our cross-disciplinary team of geologists, mining engineers, and process engineers collaboratively focuses on assessing an orebody, maximising deposit value, all while prioritising risk minimisation. With this tailored approach, we enabled you to unlock the full potential of your orebody within your financial means.

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Typically, junior exploration companies are the first ones to conduct surface exploration and validate geological ideas.


Drilling offers a glimpse of what lies below, but viable mining deposits need to be confirmed with further efforts. Early investors show interest in the project.


Exploration reaches a turning point when drilling reveals a genuine mineral find, sparking excitement. This is typically when people outside the mining industry first hear about it, and early investors aim to profit.

Orphan Period

Confirmed discoveries demand significant capital for construction without generating income from an operational mine yet.

Institutional / Strategic Investment

This marks the stage where seasoned mine developers and financiers invest directly to transform the project into a functioning mine.

Operating Mine

The company can extract ore and generate cash flow, but risks persist, including commodity price fluctuations and management challenges. Optimising recovery and increasing the bottom line is a priority.

Concept Pre-discovery Discovery Feasibility Development Startup Depletion

Let’s reduce the impact of mining by taking a holistic approach and enabling sustainable mining practices, to do as little harm to the world as possible.



With 20 years of experience in ore sorting, we offer you smart, agile and bold solutions for mineral processing around the world.


Simple solutions offer the best results. We’ll partner with you to help implement practical, proven solutions that deliver results.


At the end of the day, it’s about the bottom line. Get results fast with modular solutions that can be ready within 2 weeks of arrival at their destination.

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