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Sensor-based sorting and RFID technologies are well-developed solutions that are available. When do these solutions make sense to implement and when do they not? Our team has spent nearly two decades learning through trial and error. Once industrial pioneers, today, we are the leading integrators of sensor-based sorting solutions for mineral processing.

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4 steps to optimise your plant in mineral recovery


1 Explore

Identify opportunities

Use Stark’s collective intelligence to discover and activate opportunities to achieve optimal resource recovery with minimal impact.


2 Design

Make a plan

Design and build perfectly balanced mining processing eco-systems to address the evolving needs of mine owners and operators.


3 Integrate

Make it happen

Create synergies between advanced technologies, such as sensor-based sorting and traditional methodologies.


4 Energize


Implement renewable energy solutions to increase profits and decrease the amount of energy utilized by mining operations.

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Technologies and Products

Advanced mineral processing

Selective Milling
Determine the force, feed input, and gap settings in your mill. This decreases possible damage and is more energy-efficient


Gravity separation
Spiral concentrators are simple low energy-consuming devices that separate minerals mainly on the basis of density or by shape.


Magnetic separation
Magnetic separation is the process of separating components of mixtures by using a magnet to attract magnetic substances.


Froth flotation is a process for selectively separating of hydrophobic materials from hydrophilic in mineral processing and recovery. 


Modular plant design

Plant modules

Pre-designed plants

Custom-designed plants



Our modular integration of sensor-based sorting solutions has been perfected over the past seven years allowing us to evaluate a problem and know when to go in and use our modular solutions, and when to suggest alternative answers.


We believe in applying simple solutions. There is no need to complicate matters. We have a simple process from the formation of a new plant to improving previously constructed brownfield projects that ensure our client's success every time.


We provide rapid results so that no time is lost, and you can see an instant return on investment. This is done through our modular solutions that can be ready within two weeks of arrival at their destination.

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