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in mineral recovery.

The vision of


In a perfect world, there would be a circular economy and no need to mine for primary resources. However, this reality seems far away. So, until further miracles, the world relies on mining. 

At the same time, we need to explore more and more marginal deposits. As a result, we at Stark have a clear vision of how the world of mineral recovery will look in 2030:



  • Collective intelligence and digital solutions are used to explore and liberate opportunities. Untapped potentials are obvious and transparent.
  • A perfectly balanced processing eco-system leads to a high resource recovery with minimal impact
  • Advanced technologies (like sensor-based) are creating synergies with traditional methods
  • Chemicals are not needed due to other advanced available technologies
  • Trucks use carbon neutral energy instead of fossil fuels
  • The fuels and the power of the plant is generated with solar and wind energy created from the mine itself
  • The mining space is converted into a natural habitat after all resources are recovered

In a world where mining is essential, we want to do as little harm to the world as possible, using every opportunity to reduce negative impacts. 

We invite everybody to join us on that journey.



Process innovation in the mining industry
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We are Stark, integrators of smart mineral processing.

through trial & error


Our international team consists of the most experienced engineers and specialists in the mining industry – pioneers who spent nearly two decades learning from mistakes are now solving problems to implement available technologies.

We are pioneers in the mining industry
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through challenges


The world has become seriously volatile. The global major impacts are driving demand and prices up and down more than ever. To adopt to these challenges, it has become key to survive these eruptions with flexibility. With Stark we are softening rigid structures to achieve fast process innovation. Available smart technologies enable e.g., marginal deposits and achieve more production in brownfield projects.

Stark continues to transform, build, and upgrade smart mineral processing. To make solutions easy to integrate, we’ve developed modular plant elements. Just as simple as plug-and-play, your operations become very cost effective in record time.

Challenges demand for innovation
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We offer premium mineral recovery solutions to get you into production fast. Let's reduce environmental and social impact of mining and increase production. One of the secrets is, to rethink concepts by looking at the orebody first and find opportunities to innovate in brownfield or greenfield projects. Then we think & build or upgrade to smart plants around sensor-based sorting whilst integrating proven technologies..

Fast integration with agile, modular plants minimizes site construction, shortens time-to-market by up to 50% and allows you to respond quickly to commodity trends. The world relies on mining. So let's make mining better, now.

Challenges demand for innovation
We offer solutions 

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