STARK starts with the deposit.




What does this mean in practice?

  • Orebody assessment is time-consuming and complex. But it is crucial for the team to make an informed decision concerning what tech should be used to develop an asset;
  • Depending on the initial analysis, it may be that STARK's tech is not suitable and traditional methods are the best way forward. It's important to accept when to keep a plant as it is; and
  • STARK will only proceed where there is a clear, measurable economic benefit to the client.

Our clients and partners say

Fully integrate ore sorting into your mineral processing and mining flow sheets

This includes matching the optimal recovery solution to the deposit, and integrating the sorter including construction, to ensure optimal recovery is achieved as envisioned during asset test work. We build plants and optimisation strategies around the geology of the deposit.

An approach that is rooted in
economic trade-offs

Let's pinpoint avenues for optimal value generation. By using existing resource and mining models (including geotechnical and geochemical models), we can integrate ore body characterisation with mineral processing parameters to project the best recovery and extraction potential.

These evaluations focus on:

  • Optimal flowsheets
  • Material mineral liberation
  • The ideal particle sizes for crushing and sorting
  • Performance testing
  • Metallurgical considerations



Tailored recovery solutions

The company's advisory team leverages a comprehensive gap analysis - encompassing geology, geotechnical engineering, mine planning and engineering, metallurgy, metallurgical test work, ore sorting tests, and mineral processing designs.

Let's optimise all operations by checking for:

  • Ore characteristics and mineralogy
  • Correct feed size
  • Preparation and feed rates
  • Sensor calibration
  • Conveyor speed and tonnage
  • Washing of the ore
  • Optimal calibration and sensor setup
  • Belt occupancy with feed presentation to prevent masking effects

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