Ore Sorting

Rethinking process engineering and plant building by implementation of ore sorting.


Move less stuff, make more money

If mining is simply the job of moving stuff, to make more money, you want to move more of the stuff you need, and less of the stuff you don't. Costs down, profits up.

Stark's modular, custom-built, plants are designed around Sensor Based Sorting - using cutting-edge technology to run your mineral processing operations more efficiently and more profitably.


Less Power, More Processing

  • Reduce water consumption by up to 100%
  • Cut energy consumption to 80%
  • Minimise the use of reagents
  • Dramatically trim your time to market
  • Increase your production - fast!

System-based thinking

Stark doesn't just sell a product – we sell a system of them, and design it to fit your particular use case. How do we do it? There's one core principle: we start at the deposit. That means we have a fundamental understanding of how the extraction process needs to work.


The secret to integration of ore sorting is to start at the deposit 

We get things done


Our modular integration of ore-sorting solutions has been perfected over the past seven years allowing us to evaluate a problem and know when to go in and use our modular solutions, and when to suggest alternative answers.


We believe in applying simple solutions. There is no need to complicate matters. We have a simple process from the formation of a new plant to improving previously constructed brownfield projects that ensure our client's success every time.


We provide rapid results so that no time is lost, and you can see an instant return on investment. This is done through our modular solutions that can be ready within two weeks of arrival at their destination.

More yield, less footprint

Typical ore-sorting positions in the flowsheet

Process of implementation

simple. modular. set-up.

The ore-sorting solution we engineer for your particular use will be delivered on site in a container – ready to integrate into your layout. Typical time from delivery to production is less than two weeks. It's as easy as plug-and-play! Ask a Stark process engineer for a demo.

Double sensor recognition

Example for optical sorting on a chute machine

Single sensor XRT sorting

X-ray sensor on belt machine.

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