RFID tracing technology

Mine smarter with data-driven plant optimisation


Elevate your plant’s IQ with RFID

Get real-time process control, every step of the way, with RFID tracer technology. The concepts of mineral processing seem simple enough, right? The tough part is selecting the best combination of processes and making them work harmoniously to produce optimal recovery, with minimal product in waste

Understand how your material behaves

Small tools, big data. Our RFID tracers are tiny – the smallest measuring in at just 4 mm. The RFID tracers resemble the characteristics of the ore simulating the material flow path to correct classification size and density.

But send a handful through your plant, and you'll learn a large amount of valuable insight. That's how we optimise existing plants to work more efficiently and increase yield.


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Asset monitoring and tracking

Run a tighter operation with end-to-end asset tracking and logistics management, configurable to suit your business needs.


Analytics and visual dashboard

See in real-time when intervention is required, based on key metrics to make intelligent business decisions. A reporting system with a single, aggregated view gives you a big-picture visual representation of your operation, customised to your specific operating environment.


Small tools, big data.



Advanced technology

Monitor your plant’s performance and act timeously on your intel. Stark developed and integrates the advanced RFID detection hardware and software, including commodity-specific particle size and density RFID tracers. No matter your application, you will mine smarter with RFID technology.


Real-time data

You are assured of optimal metallurgical performance 24/7. Stark’s real-time management service and Web interface make it possible. Tap into instant real-time results. Live testing of your running plant delivers clear performance data (efficiency curves) for individual and combined size and density classes.



Increase your plant's efficiency by optimising the process. Monitor and manage what goes into your process vs what comes out. Reduce down-time by improving plant maintenance scheduling and save on operational costs.


Resource tracking


Expertly integrated into your plant, Stark’s RFID technology lets you track and monitor ore and waste from blasting and hauling, all the way through the mineral processing plant. Through realistic simulation, you’ll gain deep understanding of particle residence time and flow, you’ll reduce ore loss and waste to ore, and you’ll achieve improved overall yield by effectively controlling the ROM feed.

Ore sorting


Using RFID tracers, Stark’s Ore Sorting (sensor-based sorting)  auditing service evaluates the functionality of your hardware and updates you with real-time results. It enables you to:

  • respond instantly to recognised anomalies
  • control the calibration of product and reject separation
  • access your systems online
  • performa remote maintenance and updates
  • accrue data in real time

Find out more in our System Specifications:

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Dense medium separation (DMS) efficiency


Maximise your ROI. Stark’s DMS audit service provides an online QA/QC solution to assess the real-time performance of your dense-media circuit.

Find out more in our System Specifications:

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Diamond Breakage Analysis


Stark’s specially developed RFID-embedded diamond breakage simulants represent ceramic and diamond fracture patterns to let you:

  • identify high-risk equipment
  • measure diamond deportment inside the plant
  • assess and identify security concerns

Find out more in our System Specifications:

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RFID tracking

In this case study our automatic resource tracking is introduced. Continuous monitoring ensures an overview of the process. As no human interaction is required, it is particularly effective and reduces potential for errors



Rynard Brits
Mineral Resource Manager

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What can be measured, can be improved.


Dig deeper with our RFID Technology white paper!

Want to know more about RFID technology, and learn what makes sensor-based sorting actually work? Dive deep into our RFID Technology white paper to gain a thorough technical understanding of Stark’s process optimisation methodology.

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