March 16, 2022

Imilingo Integrates into Stark Resources

Centurion, South Africa — Imilingo Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd is officially becoming a part of the group united under Stark Resources Ltd (UK). As part of the rebranding activity, Imilingo will undergo a name change to Stark Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd.

Nico van Niekerk
Managing Director 

This change in no way has any consequences for suppliers, clients, or the current staff.

Imilingo has been a prominent group providing a valuable service to its clients over the last 7 years. This integration will create a system that can quickly and efficiently execute projects that will revolutionize the industry. As Geoffrey Madderson, Founder & CEO of Stark-Resources states, it is by uniting under one brand that new opportunities will be reached by combining experience and integration capabilities under one roof.

Press Release Treated

Imilingo is not only known as a leading integrator of sensor-based sorting technologies but also for providing unparalleled reliability and excellent customer service. These intrinsic Imilingo qualities combined with Stark’s capabilities will provide customers an unbeatable experience in end-to-end process optimization within the mining industry.

The merging of the two companies will expand Imilingo's reach globally under the Stark name. As Jaco Prinsloo (Founder & COO) states, “the integration will be a great opportunity to grow and leverage our reach to global markets.” From March 1, 2022, Nico van Niekerk, former General Manager of Imilingo, has taken over the role of Managing Director of Stark Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd.

Both Imilingo and Stark are excited for this change and the chance to liberate untapped potential in the mining industry. As one united group, Stark-Resources can act stronger to solve any problem for process optimization.



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