July 22, 2022

International Women in Engineering Day

Hamburg, Germany — Today we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. This global event is put on every year by the Women’s Engineering Society which provides a professional network and support for women within the engineering and technology fields.

Shelby Helser
Communication Associate 

Three Female Game Changers Invite More Young Talents to Follow

At Stark-Resources we champion high potentials no matter the gender. Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are a given in our mindset and we proudly present four dedicated team members breaking present day stereotypes.  

According to Engineering UK, worldwide only 16.5% of the individuals working in engineering are women. When trying to discern potential reasons for women not entering the engineering space, a lack of representation in the field as well as existing misconceptions of what engineering is like emerged. Often engineering and projects based around mining are seen as dirty work. At times, the work can get a little grimy, but that is something our team members like the most. Eleanore Forner, Head of Energy, mentioned that while working on presentations and brainstorming ideas is exciting, “it is also fun to go out, get dirty and play with the machines. Touch the valves and pushbuttons.”

 These communities could not be assisted without our female team leaders being willing to go out and conduct projects in some unfavorable conditions. Just last week, Jeantelle Rust, our Senior Process Engineer, visited a site in Zimbabwe where she was one of only a few women to ever stay overnight on site. It was cold, had limited facilities, and the communal showers were not built for privacy, but the desire to assist with a plant design made the trip exciting and worth it.  

Forner views engineering as a creative outlet, stating “you have to think outside of the box to problem-solve and find solutions to the questions we seek to answer.” This sentiment is echoed by Rust. For her, the mission of engineering is to make a positive contribution. This can come from a project or being a mentor to younger engineers. Rust stated, “Engineering can make a significant difference in the world. We strive for efficiency, improvement, and innovation and this extends to all aspects of our lives.”  

This forward-thinking and desire to innovate and improve is echoed by everyone who works at Stark.  

Thinking to the future, when asked about advice these women would give young girls entering the engineering field some wisdom emerged that can even translate outside of the engineering space. Claudia stated that the best advice she can give is to “stay positive, keep going and keep pushing.”  

 Forner emphasized that “Above all else, women in engineering are resilient. They must be in this field. Put your hand up in class and make things happen for yourself. Do not think that just because you finish school or have a degree you can sit back. Be proactive about the industries you work in and follow your ambition. Stand up for yourself and make things happen because no one is going to do that for you.” 

Today and every day at Stark we are thankful for our women engineers and all that they provide. 

More About Our Three Spotlighted Members 

Eleanore Forner 

Eleanore Forner at Stark Resources

Eleanore is a chemical engineer who also has studied engineering management. She currently has fourteen years of experience as a process engineer. She began her career in nuclear and has expanded to other areas including mining and hydrometallurgy. She has diverse commodity experience, as well as business development experience in B2B and B2C sales. Click to connect.

Jeantelle Rust

Jeantelle is a chemical engineer with specialization in mineral processing. She has over twelve years of working experience within the mineral processing industry. She has experience in plant operation, management studies, flowsheet development as well as plant design and execution.  Click to connect

Claudia Hannweg 

Claudia recently graduated from university having completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Pretoria in 2021. She has been involved in multiple projects and is eager to gain more experience at Stark. Click to connect.

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