February 4, 2023

Let’s talk ore sorting at Mining Indaba

Cape Town, South Africa —  Mining Indaba has been a staple in Cape Town’s and the industry’s calendar. Over 6,500 mining experts descend on the city every February for five powerful days of networking. 

Geoffrey Madderson
 Chief Executive Officer 

See you at Mining Indaba, Cape Town.

Investing in African Mining Indaba is solely dedicated to the successful capitalisation and development of mining interests in Africa. Also known as Mining Indaba. Succeeding for over 28 years, Mining Indaba has a unique and widening perspective of the African mining industry, bringing together visionaries and innovators from across the spectrum. The Mining Indaba team is also dedicated to supporting education, career development, sustainable development and other important causes in Africa.

This week our best STARK team members will be traveling to the Western Cape of South Africa to connect with individuals from all over the world.

Our aim is to share our ore sorting and end-to-end recovery solutions with the world. We are excited to demonstrate how using smart thinking, simple solutions, and fast application can help our clients produce a plant within a year and see the returns on their investment at the same time as well as how our solutions can optimise an already operating plant. STARK aims to decarbonize the mineral processing system when possible and bring our clients the plants of the future.

Let's chat about how we build a production plant for Lithium in less than a year.
We are so excited to meet and interact with you next week. Please feel free to reach out to us to arrange a time to chat!

Check the event: http://www.miningindaba.com

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