April 11, 2022

Stark German Office is Here!

Wedel/Hamburg, Germany — STARK has opened a Global Head Office in Germany. 

Shelby Helser
Communication Associate 

Our new office in Wedel opened in April 2022 and is ready to greet our clients.

We are beyond excited to be able to bring our end-to-end sensor-based sorting solutions to Germany. We look forward to many new projects, partnerships and opportunities. 

Stark Hamburg Office Germany

Wedel is located on the boarder of Hamburg and allows a close and personal connection with the major port city. Our office sits on the Elbe River and container ships like the Ever Given pass through every day. One day we hope to have a live web-cam that so that we can share the view with all of you everyday! 

We are so excited to meet and interact with everyone who visits.



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