June 15, 2023

LANDING DMS – Actionable data for real-time decisions

ACTION­ABLE DATAFOR REAL-TIMEDECISIONS Increase visibility into your DMS plant with a auditing system.       Book a call   The misallocation of just 1% of saleable ore to the discard dump can have an enormous effect on the bottom line of your company.   Imagine if you could make smart decisions in real time […]

May 25, 2023

LANDING DSO – Detect the product Spodumene with laser ore sorting

DETECTSPODU­MENE Integrate laser ore-sorting technology into your plant.       Book a call   The success of your mining project is not only dependent on the quantity of product recovered but significantly more so, the quality of DSO. But you already know that.   Imagine if you were able to detect spodumene directly and […]