August 27, 2022

Meet Eugene Collins

Centurion, South Africa — Meet Eugene Collins, Process Engineer. Unofficial name: Eu-keen, “'cos I'm always keen for every adventure, no matter how mundane. On the rare occasion that I bring up an idea which is not totally intellectually bankrupt, some would refer to me as Eugenius.” . . Gunnar Kläschen Head of Value Proposition Iron […]

August 11, 2022

Meet Lode Theunynck

Gent, Belgium — Meet Lode Theunynck - a short Interview with our new Head of Customer Experience: “In general people know me as ‘The Runner’”. . Gunnar Kläschen Head of Value Proposition “The Runner”... on a streak to reach the peak!   What is your name and job title? ...And your unofficial job title? Meet […]