October 16, 2022

How NOT to implement sensor-based sorting

Centurion, South Africa — The use of sensor-based sorting as a step in pre-concentration and/or recovery, is an established practice for several modern mineral processing flowsheets. So why are miners missing out on their opportunities? Annelize Fouchee Process Principal  Are any of these five mindsets keeping you from realising the full potential of your mine? The […]

August 27, 2022

Meet Eugene Collins

Centurion, South Africa — Meet Eugene Collins, Process Engineer. Unofficial name: Eu-keen, “'cos I'm always keen for every adventure, no matter how mundane. On the rare occasion that I bring up an idea which is not totally intellectually bankrupt, some would refer to me as Eugenius.” . . Gunnar Kläschen Head of Value Proposition Iron […]

August 11, 2022

Meet Lode Theunynck

Gent, Belgium — Meet Lode Theunynck - a short Interview with our new Head of Customer Experience: “In general people know me as ‘The Runner’”. . Gunnar Kläschen Head of Value Proposition “The Runner”... on a streak to reach the peak!   What is your name and job title? ...And your unofficial job title? Meet […]